DivyaAgarawal becomes the first BBOTT contestant to complete 300k tweets

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The boss lady and one of the strong competitor in the house, Divya Agarwal has been trending in the house since day one. Her rebel attitude has impressed all her fans and co- stars from the industry. From Pratik’s provocation to Zeeshan’s eviction, Divya has been one of the most trending contestant from the show.

Actress Divya Agarwal has been a part of many reality shows and entered the OTT season with a lot of promise. She has been powerful and strong since day one. Her fans have adored her every single move in the house. Recently her connection in the house, Zeeshan has been evicted. This shattered Divya and was left in tears.

She took some while and got herself strong again. She rose again and beat all the odd. She has been one of the most targeted person in the house, but she became even stronger.

This attitude of hers garnered millions of fans outside. She has been trending like almost everyday. Not only that she becomes the first contestant in the house, who has completed 300k tweets. This is a milestone for all the Divya Agarwal fans as her support is increasing day by day!