“Crashh lets me explore myself as an actor through the story” says Zain Imam from ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s Crashh.

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In a candid conversation with the media Zain Imam, popular actor among the youth, gives us a good look into his personality as well as his character and story in Crashh, ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s latest and dearest drama. Also gives us a glimpse into what post pandemic shooting is like.

1. Tell us about the show?Crashh is the story about Kabir is played by Kunj Anand, Kajal played by Aditi Sharma, Alia played by Anushka Sharma and Rahim by Rohan Mehra, whose lives are changed forever when their birth parents die in a car crash. They end up in an orphanage only to be separated in four different directions later. However, fate continues to play its wicked game when years later, the oldest sibling, Kabir (Kunj Anand), who is a cop, goes on a mission to reunite his estranged family.

2. Tell us about your character

Rishabh Sachdev is a celebrated surgeon in the country, a good listener, thinker and secret keeper. It is upto the audience to find out how his story is intertwined with the four siblings. One crash, four siblings and a story of destiny. It’s true when they say, what’s meant to be will always find a way. A story siblings; love and emotions

3. What all preparations did you do for the character?The reason I loved to be a part of Crashh was that it is a show based on the story of four siblings and how they struggle in their lives still comes up with a heart full of joy and dreams. OTT platform gives an opportunity to artists to prove themselves as an artist. My recent project in this dynamic OTT space lets me explore myself as an actor through the story. I loved the script and my character in Crashh as it is a beautiful saga of sibling love and the pain of being separated at a young age.

4.How excited are you for Crashh?It is a youth oriented web show which will connect with the audience and make them feel their unconditional love with their siblings which they avoid to show but is always there.

5. Do you feel OTT platforms are the future of entertainment industry?Absolutely, OTT platforms is the future of the entertainment industry catering to various genres, stories, etc. as the platform is growing as faster as lightening. The way things are going it might be possible that people will only prefer OTT as they are easily accessible at any place.With their diverse content and growing audience, the digital platforms are anticipated to be the new normal for everyone. 

6. How was your experience working with your co-stars?I loved working with all of them, I had a different equation off camera with them all amazing, beautiful, truly talented, and they will have bright futures and are yet to reach their max potential and will definitely shine. They will do it as soon as possible because they are truly talented and hardworking. 

7. What are your expectations from the show?How it is going to be received is not in our hands but as an actor I have given my one hundred percent. I do want the show to be fabulous and the one that stays with the audience as the show coincidently collides with Valentine’s Day popularly celebrated as the day of love, I would urge all the siblings to watch the show and hope it strikes a chord with them. We have given our hundred percent and that is all that we could’ve done since it was shooting the show with all the necessary precautions and limited units, it is a tremendous team effort.

8. What is that one messages you’d like to share with your viewers and fans?The importance and the bond between family is the most crucial message in the show and the pain of separation and the determination to find one another is visible in the visuals that the story brings to us. It outlines the accident that causes the family to fall apart. It shows us glimpses of their lives and how the children are forced into separation as they are adopted or taken away. There is also a glimpse of the mental trauma that they all suffer yet share a connection that they don’t know of. It was an emotional joyride to shoot the show and it will make me happy if the audience feel it too. 

9. How was the shooting experience post COVID norms?I was actually excited to face the camera after a brief hiatus. It felt like a homecoming of sorts. While makers ensure that all the guidelines are followed on sets, actors are also being extra cautious. There were limited people on sets and we wore masks. At every point in and around the sets, there were sanitiser bottles and sprays. It was quite a distinct experience, but I got used to it. It has become a new normal for everyone.

10. What precautions did you take while shooting?It was challenging to shoot during such restrictions, however keeping in mind the guidelines I made sure to carry my own sanitizers, mask, gloves, etc. It was not only to ensure my safety but also to ensure the safety of my fellow cast and crew members.