Child development portal Flintobox now on android platform!

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New Delhi, Jan 5 (IANS) Flintobox, an early child development portal that promotes educative models/kits for children aged between two and eight has launched it mobile-based application.

Flintobox, which promotes early child development and engages parents with meaningful content, makes sure that the products reaching children are relevant and enhanced to meet their needs and wants so that it significantly improves the child’s growth.
“We want Flintobox to be a complete package and one-stop destination for everything on early child development. Our objective is to make early learning a fun experience for kids. Our app will be a value-added resource to a Flintobox purchase and by itself a complete pool of early learning and development resources,” Flintobox Co-Founder Vijaybabu Gandhi said in a statement.
To engage parents more with the portal, Flintobox has created a complete digital interface to add value to a customer’s purchase by engaging them through ‘Flintobox Early Learning App’. The app will assist in providing contextual information focusing on language development and providing engaging weekly activities for children.
The android app is the first step in Flinto’s digital offering for early child development. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.


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