Monday, January 17, 2022

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    Broken But Beautiful 3 song ‘Hun Jaavaan’: Sandman composes a perfect heartbreak song featuring Sidharth Shukla

    The music of ALTBalaji’s latest romance drama ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ is melodious, soothing, and soulful. While the viewers, especially the music buffs, have been treated with four melodious compositions including ‘Tere Naal’, ‘Mere Liye’, ‘Kya Kiya Hai Tune’ and ‘Teri Hogaiyaan’, which have already become chartbusters, the makers of the most celebrated franchise have now unveiled yet another romantic song from their musical album called ‘Hun Jaavaan’.

    Composed by Sandman A.K.A Sandeep Patil, penned by Ginny Diwan, and sung by Romy and Anusha Mani, ‘Hun Jaavaan’ features heavy orchestration that suits the genre of the song and well describes Sidharth Shukla’s character Agastya’s heartbreak and devastation.

    Commenting more on the song, composer Sandman reveals, “The makers, including director Priyanka and producer Niraj, had a very clear vision about the song. Having such a reputed name for music with the ‘Broken But Beautiful’ series, this song had to fit right in being a little different from what we usually do with the popular franchise. The idea was to keep the Sufism element alive along with keeping it contemporary. The melody turned out to be so beautiful. Ginny Diwan wrote the lyrics with perfection. Both Romy and Anusha have captured the essence and soul of the song very well.”

    “Agastya’s character is going through the journey of angst, pain, and trying to find answers, and the song showcases all these emotions. Being a part of the second and third seasons of the franchise is an honour because the series is known for its music. I’m really glad that it’s done so well,” adds Sandman.

    The Broken But Beautiful franchise is a favourite with viewers because it takes them on a relatable journey of love, longing, and heartbreak. It is the love story of Agastya & Rumi. Agastya, an aspiring director, falls in love with Rumi Desai, his muse. Their worlds are different, and they also want separate things, making a perfect recipe for heartache.

    ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ is streaming now on the ALTBalaji app.

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