Big Boss OTT Finalist; Divya Agarwal trends again with 57,000 tweets on Twitter

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The last episode of Big Boss had a session where the media came and interacted with the housemate. The session lasted for a longer period of time and a lot of the contestants faced questions that they never expected.

While Shamita was alleged inside of her insecurities about certain things, Divya too was asked some intriguing questions. But let me tell you that, she tackled all the questions and answered them in a way that media really loved it. Not only that the Divya Army who has been majorly supporting her, got her trended again on twitter.

Post that episode, Divya garnered 57,000 tweets in just few hours. She topped the list with Johnny Depp getting 40.5k tweets. This clearly showed the amount of love and support that the boss lady has been receiving quite lately.

In the last episode too, Nishant was seen appreciating Divya’s responses to all the media questions being asked to her. This was actually something that has been loved not only by the viewers, media but also her fellow housemates. As the housemates are heading towards the finale, the competition seems to get tougher and Divya Agarwal has surely raised her bars with her yesterday’s session with the media!