Sunday, April 18, 2021

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    Bespoke Lighting Studio, Hive Home, Launches New Design Collection this Holi

    Hive Home, one of India’s leading bespoke lighting design studio has launched its latest colection, titled Iridescence. It will be launched on the occasion of Holi. The collection for its namesake is very colourful and vivacious and is in the spirit of Holi, the festival of colours. 

    The term Iridescence is derived from Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, and refers to a vibrant optical effect of rainbow-like colours that are seen on soap bubbles and appears to change colour in the light. Along with soap bubbles, iridescence can also be seen in flora and fauna, and minerals in nature. The collection is therefore very close to nature.

    The collection is larger than life, when placed horizontally it is 8ft x 5ft. It is crafted in a rainbow finish stainless steel and hand-blown glass, this bouquet piece reflects the ever-changing environment around us, seen as the spectators change their angle of vision. 

    The award-winning designer and founder of the brand, Shivangi Shah, was inspired by a child who derives joy from simple pleasures while making the collection. This shimmering art installation defines its shape and presence, transforming itself into a mesmerizing piece of art. The handblown glass texture mirrors the organic effect that is a concoction of oil and water.

    Talking about Iridescence, the designer Shivangi mentioned, “The collection is graceful and organic in its form. ‘Iridescence’ is an ode to celebrate all that is beautiful, joy-giving and unadulterated in life. Anyone viewing the collection will be forced to move around and watch it from different angles, just like they have in their childhood. It takes you back to simpler times when something as little as a rainbow coloured soap bubble made us happy. Launching this collection on the auspicious day of Holi seemed truly fitting to its personality & essence.”

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