Sunday, December 5, 2021

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    Bang Baang: 5 reasons why you need Mr Faisu aka Raghu in your life

    Early in January ALTBalaji released their massive hit Bang Baang – The Sound of Crimes. The action thriller was a massive blockbuster. It also marked the acting debut of internet sensation Mr Faisu. He was seen playing Raghu, a local goon in the series. We were recently re-watching the series, and we realised how interesting the character of Raghu is. Raghu is one such character that one would want in real life. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at five reasons why we all need Raghu in our lives.


    No one can kick like Raghu does. Even if you have just watched the trailer of the series, you would know that Raghu was quite a flexible guy who would do his magic in the boxing ring. Right from his jumps to his punch, Raghu is quite an action star. And who wouldn’t want a friend who can pack a few punches and save us from the bad guys?


    Remember that scene where Raghu is dancing on Ladki Beautiful kar gayi chull? That scene is enough to make anyone fall for him. He is such a charming character. Also, the fact that he can go to any extent for his love makes him more adorable.


    Raghu’s charm is his attitude. His smug attitude yet endearing personality is what sets him apart. Mr Faisu played the character with much finesse. No wonder the show got him a new set of followers and fans.

    Comic timing

    In the first scene, where Raghu’s character is set, he enters the boxing ring and comments on his new jacket. That scene defines Raghu and also sets his comic timing. Also, how can you forget his “free ki whiskey se Pyaar” comment? In addition, Raghu had some hilarious one-liners. And c’mon, we all need a friend who can make us laugh at times when we don’t feel like it.

    Dressing sense

    Another fun aspect of Raghu’s character was his dressing sense. Raghu wore some really funky and cool outfits in the show. His bomber jackets, Sandos were a huge hit in the show. One would definitely want to borrow some outfits from Raghu.

    Well, we are sure after reading this you would be tempted to watch the series. Head to the ALTBalaji app right away and binge-watch all the episodes of Bang Baang!

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