‘Bandeya’ a soulful song that binds the essence of siblings on ALTBalaji’s youth drama Crashh

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ALTBalaji’s Crashh has made its way to audiences’ hearts with its heartwarming storyline and is still doing so by launching its new song. When it comes to a series, the soundtrack can often make or break how the audience views the series. Emotions would often go unfelt by the audience if not for good music. The music on Crashh has been exceptionally great, causing the string to attach itself a tad bit closer to the audience’s hearts.

Crashh has been winning the audience’s over at every turn. The soulful melody of the song ‘Bandeya’ in the series ties the whole thing together. Ensuring that the emotions and feelings are conveyed perfectly. All credits to the artists behind this masterpiece ‘Bandeya’, Revan Singh who composed, wrote the lyrics and produced the music, Vinnie Hutton on guitar, Saurabh Das, to lend his magical voice to the song, Niraj Singh for the mixing and mastering and assistant engineer Franco Bhalla. Such talent should never be overlooked.

The series also incorporates various other beloved classic songs and music from Bollywood, making it impossible to not fall in love. This explains the kind of attention and excitement the series has been receiving right from day one. Music is a very potent memory trigger, the soundtrack ensures that Crashh is an unforgettable story, especially for those music lovers.

The series Crashh which aired on the ALTBalaji platform on 14th February 2021, has been captivating hearts. The series is about two brothers and two sisters separated from each other when their parents die in a car crash. A crash which the youngest don’t even remember. The series is a saga of sibling love and shows us how strong the bond of family is.

The talented cast includes Zain Imam, Rohan Mehra, Aditi Sharma, Kunj Anand, and Anushka Sen, among others. They have portrayed their characters so beautifully it caused everyone to be smitten with the series as soon as they watched it. The series is produced by Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor and is directed by Kushal Zaveri.

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