Monday, January 17, 2022

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    As the front line workers are working hard, Rashmi Agdekar takes to her social media to request everyone to mask up to contain the virus

    The “Dev DD 2” actress Rashmi Agdekar has understood the danger that is lurking around in the form of new Covid strain and has asked the people to be as careful as they can to stop it from spreading.  Rashmi Agdekar giving importance to the frontline workers said, “Many influencers and actors are helping amplify requirements for covid resources on social media currently, as we see a steep rise in covid cases regularly.  I would just request everyone to follow the basic protocols strictly, and make our health a priority. Our Frontline workers are already exhausted. We must take responsibility for basics things like wearing a mask properly, social distancing, and taking care of our health very seriously to contain the virus at the earliest. As the new strain of covid 19 is affecting lakhs of people, citizens need to take responsibility for some basic things to help contain the virus.”

    Rashmi Agdekar is being responsible and is requesting everyone in India to be responsible when it comes to Covid 19. The actress recently posted a photo on Instagram which explains the strict protocols that we need to follow during this ongoing pandemic. Rashmi Agdekar has captioned the picture as, “Friendly reminder: Swipe through ➡️ Sabse pehle toh #gharperaho , but if at all you need to step out, follow strict protocols… A lot of people are fighting the virus outside. If you are healthy, work towards keeping it that way (mentally too) 🏼 Of course this too shall pass, but let’s do our bit, just by taking care of yourselves and helping those around us in whatever way we can! Love & Light”  Rashmi Agdekar has time and again spoken about the awareness regarding the virus, and also she is continuously posting the information that she is getting from her sources on Instagram be it for oxygen, bed, and treatment for the deadly virus so that people can seriously need to consider.

    On the work front, Rashmi Agdekar will be soon seen in some big projects, which will be announced when the time comes.

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