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    Ankit Bathla on his first on-screen kiss for ALTBalaji’s exclusive original murder mystery Crimes and Confessions: “Was very nervous…”

    TV actor Ankit Bathla who is currently seen in ALTBalaji’s murder mystery Crimes and Confessions, made his confession! He confessed on how nervous he was while performing the kissing scene in the recently launched show. Furthermore, Ankit who has been part of several shows including Naagin 4 also revealed that this is the first time he has kissed on-screen which he had consciously refrained in all these years. However, he didn’t shy away from doing the same for Crimes and Confessions because of its need in the script.

    He stated, “I have never kissed on screen because I was never comfortable with it. However, the only reason I agreed to do it for Crimes and Confessions was because of the story. The story required the kiss which I couldn’t deny. It was set in an era that i always wanted to be a part of. I was kicked about the entire story. Also when I met the director Sachin Khot, I realised that he isn’t doing this to titillate the audience. The kiss was a much needed requirement to build the characters journey. The role I play is someone who is raunchy and is madly in love with this girl. So I had to convey that passion on-screen.”

    When asked about his thoughts on kissing on-screen for the first time, Ankit quipped, “Firstly let’s be clear about one thing, it was my first on-screen kiss. And not first kiss!” He laughed and continued, “I was of course very nervous. I wanted to make it look really nice and make sure that it does not come across as cheesy at the same time. It is an intimate moment between two people who are in love. So I had to make sure that there is a fine line and I don’t cross it. Apart from that, it involved all the regular preparations that you do even when you go on a date as well; which is to make sure you have your mouth wash, perfume on and you smell good. Also, a lot of credit goes to Ankita (my co-actor) because she is a terrific actor. It is very important for your co-actor to be that sensible and for the two of you to be clear about your comfort zones. And again, Sachin Khot has made every scene look so beautiful.”

    Ankit Bathla is a part of the segment called Not in Mood for Love in the anthology series which comprises of five different stories. The story of the segment revolves around post-Independence era. The ALTBalaji show features five love stories and five outrageous confessions. In the show, the viewers will get to encounter the crime, confront the criminals, and unravel the mystery.

    Crimes and Confessions features popular TV actors like Ankit Bathla, Lekha Prajapati, Ankita Chakravorthy, Pradeep Singh Duhaan, Shweta Gulati, amongst other actors. The series is produced by Jaasvand Entertainments Pvt. Ltd, Black Swan Production, Keylight Production, DisKontent and is spearheaded by Baljit Singh Chaddha, as the Content & Creative Director.

    The show is currently streaming exclusively on ALTBalaji. Bing-watch all five episodes right away.

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