Monday, January 17, 2022

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    Aman Uppal from ALTBalaji’s Dev DD 2 is a sweetheart in reel and real!

    Aman Uppal plays Paritosh in ALTBalaji’s Dev DD 2. Paritosh is a childhood acquaintance of the protagonist Devika. He shows up for her like a knight in shining armour at her darkest hour. He offers her a shoulder to cry whenever she needs it and fills her life with much-needed laughter and support. 

    It turns out, as per his co-stars, he is just as romantic in real. Ever the charming gentleman, opening doors and making people laugh. Some of the sweetness of his character has to be borrowed, from his real-life persona. Very generous and adjusting.

    “Aman Uppal is romantic both on-screen and off-screen,” says veteran actor and co-star of Dev DD 2, Sanjay Suri, in a candid conversation. A very nice compliment indeed. 

    To which Aman reacts, “I agree. But I am not a cheesy romantic. I think it’s the passion and unconditional and non-judgemental nature I approach my affection and love. And everything else in life. Or at least I try.”

    ALTBalaji’s Dev DD 2 brings back the badass Devika in a different avatar than we are used to, showing a soft and vulnerable side to the diva that she is. The series takes up many social issues portraying them with a tinge of humour but making people question the conditioning they are brought up with and teaching lessons for a lifetime, and reminding us of the inner strength we all possess.

    The cast includes Asheema Vardaan playing Devika Dharam Dwivedi, Sanjay Suri playing Anurag, Rashmi Agdekar playing the best friend Chandni, Rumana Molla playing Radha, Nauheed Cyrusi playing Aditi, and Aman Uppal playing Paritosh, among others. The series is brilliantly directed by the dynamic Harsh Dedhia.

    Dev DD 2 is currently streaming on ALTBalaji, head to the app to watch right now!

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