ALTBalaji’s His Storyy is garnering global acclaim for a challenging yet beautiful narrative of Alternative space – LGTBQ!

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His Storyy is precisely the kind of show that should be encouraged during this period. The type of response it has received has been phenomenal. It comes as no surprise as it caters to the tastes of every kind of person. Whether it is romance, drama, or just a brilliant story, His Storyy has it all. Conversations revolving around the show are everywhere for its unconventional love story. A story that just a few years ago would’ve been taboo. 

In as little as 33 days, the cast and crew managed to wrap up the shoot, and the final product was nothing short of perfect. The effort was brilliant. The director, Prashant Bhagia, ensured the proceedings went smoothly without any hiccups in the face of the brewing second wave of the pandemic. 

The dialogues touched the emotional chords across globe with brilliant performances from the actors throughout the show. The show won hearts with a beautiful story of a closeted gay married man accepting his reality. The numbers surrounding the show are unbelievable, for an alternative story telling space. With millions of viewers within the country India and over lacs of viewers spread out over four other countries of the world including, the United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and Australia. From India alone, the show had 1.9 Mn views on the platform in just 5 days making it one of the most-watched shows for that week, as per the Ormax report! The social media hype and adulation of critics and audiences alike have been pouring in with an IMDb rating of 8.

The soulful series flows like a beautiful river across 11 episodes, witnessing fantastic performances from the lead actors – Satyadeep Misra, Priyamani Raj, and Mrinal Dutt. And it’s not just the acting and the storyline, but the songs seem to have struck the right chords with the audience as well. Right from the track Ye Dil, which plays in the opening credits to Naina Kahee, describing the turmoil of heartbreak, the soul-stirring numbers have become the audience’s favourite in no time. Opening dialogue like “A perfect life, a perfect marriage but khete hai na, nothing is ever perfect, A perfect life or a perfect lie” is receiving applause from all across. The makers have indeed put a keen eye on ensuring complicated conversations are brought to the forefront delicately, yet with substance. 

His Storyy is based on Kunal and Sakshi’s successful marriage for 20 years with two beautiful children. Sakshi’s world tears apart when she learns the truth about Kunal cheating on her with another man, Preet, which eventually leads to their marriage hitting the rocks. His Storyy is a journey of two people, Kunal and Sakshi, trying to rediscover their ties to each other in the face of a crushing revelation. Kunal’s secret, which he is so afraid to speak of, is killing him on the inside. When he finds the love of his life and is finally able to acknowledge who he is, things start to fall apart for the family he has built. In short, his whole life turns upside down.

Actors Satyadeep Misra, Priyamani Raj, Mrinal Dutt, Nitin Bhatia, Parinitaa Seth, Rajiv Kumar, Charu Shankar, and Mikhail Gandhi brought the characters to life. The acting was flawless!!

The show is now streaming on the ALTBalaji platform. Do not miss it!!