Monday, January 17, 2022

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    ALTBalaji is a major contender for the top spot among OTT platforms with its brilliant shows as per COTT

    Renowned news portal Media Brief with a special arrangement with chrome OTT has put out a few surveys on OTT platforms, the results of which look brilliant for Indian OTT giant ALTBalaji. The conclusions have been reached based on 574 million internet users in India, and the reach is calculated based on a minimum of 10 minutes viewing in 24 hours.

    In a country booming with more than 40 OTT platforms, ALTBalaji has been listed at the prestigious number 6 spot on COTT’s top 12 OTT platforms list for the week (14th-20th March) with ALTBalaji’s shows The Married Woman, Crashh, and Dev DD 2 at the 5th, 6th, and 9th positions on the Top 10 show list. ALTBalaji also has Crashh at the 5th spot on the Top 10 Binged list, which takes into account at least bingeing on three episodes of a series in 24 hours less.

    ALTBalaji, getting placed ahead of OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, shows the extent of care taken while developing content for its viewers and its user-friendly interface.

    The shows that have made it possible, like The Married Woman, Crashh, and Dev DD 2, have been drawing all the right kinds of attention from the very beginning for their unconventional stories and their ability to address societal issues through satire subtly. This way of addressing major social problems resonates with the audience for a long time after the series is done. The talented actors in these shows who the audience has grown to love over the years help deliver these important messages to the audience in an unforgettable manner.

    The Married Woman is a show that celebrates love and makes an outstanding attempt at breaking stereotypes and taboos that society’s conditioning has set in stone. With talented actors like Monica Dogra, Ridhi Dogra, Suhaas Ahuja, and Imaad Shah in the cast, there couldn’t have been anything to make the show better.  

    Crashh is a sibling love saga with a cast bound to bring a huge fan following to the show. This touching story has been drawing attention from everywhere and has been one of the main reasons ALTBalaji has been shooting to the top among OTT platforms. With the star cast of Zain Imam, Rohan Mehra, Aditi Sharma, Kunj Anand, and Anushka Sen, the series’s success was inevitable.

    Dev DD 2 has been all about breaking stereotypes, something ALTBalaji has been striving to do with every show since the beginning. Dev DD 2, starring veteran actor Sanjay Suri, Asheema Vardaan, Nauheed Cyrusie, Aman Uppal, Rashmi Agdekar, Rumana Molla, etc. have become a favourite among viewers looking for a laugh as well as great content.

    Head straight to the ALTBalaji platform now so that you don’t miss out on these fabulous shows

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