Thursday, December 9, 2021

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    ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s urban relationship drama His Storyy has Priyamani Raj in the central role of Sakshi, and Mrinal Dutt as Preet!

    ALTBalaji and ZEE5, in their brand new upcoming urban relationship drama His Storyy revealed the character introduction videos of two of their vibrant characters Sakshi and Preet, played by Priyamani Raj and Mrinal Dutt, respectively. Sakshi, played by the gifted Priyamani Raj, was always praised for her dynamic nature. Her ability to run a family and kill it at her job and still find time for love and everyone else who mattered is commendable. Sakshi introduces Preet Jaiswal in the video, played by Mrinal Dutt as ‘ A wonderful connoisseur, food writer and critic extraordinaire’. Her perfect family life shatters when she comes across a dark secret that her husband Kunal, has kept hidden for over 20 years of their marriage. His sexuality and his relationship with Preet.

    How is Sakshi to break the news to her children, their friends? How does she accept the truth about her husband? How does she walk away from the only life she knew? Who is she supposed to be angry at? What face does she show up with at her workplace and social gatherings? Sakshi is left, with too many questions and not a single answer; nothing makes sense anymore, and she can only see her husband’s love as a perversion. Preet, on the other hand, only wants Kunal to accept their relationship in society.

    “Sakshi’s dilemma in His Storyy is one almost every woman can relate to, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be someone in a marriage to a closeted individual alone. When someone leaves, you question everything about yourself, and you forget to be kind to yourself. It becomes easiest to find ways to blame yourself and everything else when in reality, it wasn’t anything to do with you. His Storyy teaches those going through heartbreak to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and figure out how to better deal with the situation. This is why I loved playing this character, hoping that individuals who feel unlucky in love will find ways not to take these things personally.” says Priyamani Raj.

    “Preet is someone who believes love can survive anything and believes in staying true to it. He is a successful food critic who loves what he does and has a good amount of exposure to the world.He is very progressive in the way he thinks and is sensitive and accepting of people’s space and life ,at the same time very determined about his own journey in life. In kunal he finds his soulmate and is unwilling to let go,no matter what the consequences are.Preet is layered and you get to see the different shades when his own issues surface as the story goes along” says Mrinal Dutt

    His Storyy tells the tale of a modern-day family and life built by what appears to be a perfect married couple, Sakshi and Kunal. This “perfect” family falls and grows apart when Kunal finally decides to embrace who he is. This comes at a great cost owing to society’s still narrow-minded and unforgiving nature. How do they navigate these waters? Is there hope for them still? Does love really conquer all?

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