Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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    2021 World Kidney Day – Living well with Kidney disease!

    ~ Vikram Vuppala, Founder & CEO, NephroPlus~

    This year, March 11th will be celebrated as World Kidney Day worldwide. The
    the theme this year is very powerful and urges all of us to think about how patients with
    Kidney disease can live well.
    While there is enough research done on the clinical aspects of Kidney disease,
    not enough has been researched on the patients’ well-being. NephroPlus
    believes “Guests” on dialysis (not patients) should be able to lead a normal
    life – work, travel, and have fun just like anybody else.
    People on dialysis in India, in general, quit work once they are diagnosed with
    kidney failure. We believe it is extremely important for such people to get back
    to work (even if it is in part-time mode initially). This matters a lot for the overall
    well-being since people who work see themselves as adding value to society
    vs. as a “burden” on the ecosystem. This work engagement makes such people
    more independent and self-confident.
    NephroPlus with 250 centers in 140 cities has a very strong holiday dialysis
    network. So people on dialysis anywhere in India can book dialysis holidays with
    us to travel to Beaches of Goa, Backwaters of Alleppey, Hill stations of Dehradun,
    Taj Mahal, and various pilgrimage sites such as Tirupathi and Rishikesh, etc.
    We strongly encourage our guests to engage in social activities, pursue their
    hobbies vigorously and have fun to the best of their abilities. We conduct “Guests
    got Talent” contests every year to encourage our Guests.

    Image Courtesy: Dekh News

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