17 percent rise in Delhi crimes, 27 percent cases solved

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New Delhi, Jan 4 (IANS) A total of 182,644 cases of crimes were reported in the national capital in 2015, up from 155,654 in 2014 – a 17.33 percent rise, Delhi Police said on Monday.

The Delhi Police’s annual report released on Monday claimed the rise in crime incidence was due to proactively recording of first information reports (FIRs) at the city’s police stations.
Of all the crime cases, only 27 percent (49,903 cases) were solved, the city police force admitted.
Among the heinous crimes, marginal increase was recorded in rape cases with 2,095 instances reported till December 15, 2015, as compared to 2,085 cases reported last year in the corresponding period.
There was also increase in the number of molestation cases in the city — 5,192 were reported in 2015 as compared to 4,322 cases in 2014.
“Cases of registered crimes against women grew slightly, but 70.15 percent cases were solved. If we leave 0.15 percent, 70 percent of cases were solved within a fortnight,” the report said.
Delhi Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi said 2015 was “very satisfying” as the force’s initiative to lodge the maximum number of first information report (FIRs) was achieved.
“From goat theft to stealing of Rs.20, we registered every relevant FIR. It is really satisfactory as per the expectation of people of Delhi,” Bassi told the media at the annual press conference.
The annual report shows that the complaints of non-registration of FIRs saw a substantial decline compared to 2014 and 2013.
“As a result, the registered IPC (Indian Penal Code) crime rose from 80,184 in 2013, 155,654 in 2014 to 182,644 in 2015 (up to December 15),” Bassi said in its introductory comments.
“Along with truthful registration comes the onus of prevention and detection of crime, and Delhi Police have given an excellent account in this regard,” he added.
A total of 49,903 IPC cases, including 6,328 heinous ones, were solved in 2015 as compared to 43,431, including 5,784 heinous cases, in the previous year, Bassi said.
“Almost all sensational cases were solved in a record time,” he said.
At least 7,192 cases of robbery were reported in 2015, while the number was 6,176 in 2014.
The number of snatching and dacoity cases touched 9,422 and 73 respectively in 2015, from 6,943 and 80 in 2014.
At least 12,208 cases of burglary were reported in the city in 2015, comparatively a slight rise over last year’s 9,653 cases.
House thefts, motor vehicle thefts and other theft cases touched ten figures of 14,781, 31,114 and 53,503 respectively in 2015 – up from 12,285, 22,219 and 39,568 in 2014.
As many as 62,017 people were arrested in connection with the cases of dacoity, robbery, snatching, burglary and vehicle theft, as against 55,187 in 2014.
Bassi said there were problems in recovery of theft articles as there was no evidence and this led to the recovery of only 20 percent of stolen articles.
“Maximum FIRs were lodged. Detection was comparatively low, but satisfactory,” said Bassi.
The number of cases of other heinous crimes such as murders decreased from 561 to 541 in 2015. Out of these, 76.89 percent cases were solved, the report said.


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